Tulips are the Symbol of Friendship

If you are visiting Ottawa in the next couple of weeks you will notice the beautiful tulips that are blooming in the city. The Canadian Tulip festival has been celebrated for 60 years and is the largest tulip festival in the world. Tourists come from all over to admire the 1 million tulips on display.

The origin of the festival displays the rich history Canada has. The festival is a display of friendship between the Netherlands and Canada. In 1943 the Dutch Princess and her children came to Canada to escape Nazi occupation. While they were here she gave birth to her daughter Princess Margriet at the Ottawa Civic Hospital. Canada allowed the hospital to temporarily be international territory. This allowed the child to inherit her Dutch citizenship. After the war the Dutch Royal family sent 100,000 tulips to Canada to show gratitude. The tradition continues each year and the beauty of the friendship is on display for all to see.

Your school can check out the Ottawa Tulip Festival next May! click here to get more information

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